Friday, 11 September 2009

Apple's September Music Event Boosts iPods

For millions of potential iPod buyers there was some pretty good news at Apple's eagerly awaited Music Event on September 9th - cheaper and better iPods.

The list price of the iPod Touch 8Gb dropped to £149 and there are two new iPod Touch models, the 32Gb and 64Gb which, according to Apple, feature "better performance, richer graphics and Voice Control".

The big news, however, is the introduction of the new iPod Nano with built-in video camera, a larger 2.2 inch screen, FM radio and VoiceOver (which speaks the names of the tunes you're listening to). Up to 30 frames per second of 640x480 pixels video can be shot and then synchronized to the Mac with iPhoto software or to the PC using PC photo software. The FM radio comes with Live Pause, which allows live radio to be paused and rewound up to fifteen minutes.

The new Nano is available in 8Gb or 16Gb versions and you can purchase from John Lewis, PC World or Comet.

Of course, iPods aren't the only way to get mobile music, Advanced MP3 Players  sell just about everything you need (including iPods) for your mobile musical and video experience

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