Tuesday 22 September 2009

Car Insurance - Complacency Costs Money

When I first started driving, I bought my car insurance from the same company that my Dad used. Then I cottoned on that it was pretty expensive compared to the amount some of my friends were paying, so I started to use a broker. The broker saved me a lot of money initially, but then I found that each year the premium would creep up and they wouldn't be recommending a change of insurer. I found myself phoning around various brokers and insurance companies to try to get the best deal.

Life's much easier now. All I have to do is visit moneysupermarket.com and let them do the hard work for me.

Why not try them? All you need to do is to answer some questions about yourself and your vehicle and they'll come up with a list of quotes for you - then simply click through to the insurer of your choice and decide whether you want to proceed.

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